The Judges will determine one Winner from the shortlisted Nominations in each of the following Categories:

  1. Team Player of the Year – for an individual who has delivered outstanding service, contribution and loyalty to a particular stadium, arena or sports venue.
  2. Innovation of the Year – a product or service that has uniquely transformed and improved the way stadiums and sports venues do business.
  3. The ‘Bulldozer Award’ – for the worst venue visitor experience, poor service or terrible sightlines – bring on the demolition crew.
  4. Sustainability Award – to recognise success in the pursuit of environmental and sustainable stadium and event management.
  5. Event of the Year – for the best stadium, arena or sports venue event in the last 12 months.
  6. Creativity – for achievement in innovative marketing, branding and sales activity
  7. The Backlash Award – for the management decision, marketing campaign or initiative that backfired most spectacularly.
  8. Matchday Experience – for the stadium, arena or sports venue that has delivered the best matchday experience with outstanding levels of customer service.
  9. Safety Award – recognising the continued effort to ensure the safety, comfort and security of sports venue customers.
  10. Unsung Hero – every sports venue has one of these... Tell us who’s the quiet achiever, the ever-reliable ‘behind-the-scenes’ fixer and the person that ‘just gets on with the job’. Who doesn’t get the recognition they deserve?
  11. Executive of the Year – who’s the sports venue leader, pioneer or visionary?
  12. Venue of the Year – for the world’s best stadium, arena or sports venue – from the small local club to the mega-capacity national sports facilities. Tell us which is the best stadium in the world and why?

Nominations are now closed. The winners will be announced at
The Stadium Business Summit on June 17th 2010. Please note that the Stadium Business Summit will now take place on 17th-18th June.